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The Jaguars are better than the Colts !

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 The Jaguars are better than the Colts historically
Tweet You don't even get close. The Jaguars have an average margin of victory of 8 over the Colts in 8 wins since 1995
Tweet What's that smell? Oh. The Jaguars have had fewer 10+ losing seasons than the Colts (7 vs 14)
Tweet The Jaguars come ready to play. They perform better during opening weekend than the Colts (Win pct: 64.70% vs 50.70%)
 The Jaguars players are better than the Colts players
Tweet The Jaguars rushing leader (Maurice Jones-Drew w/ 803) is better than the Colts rushing leader (Trent Richardson w/ 563)
Tweet The Jaguars have had a first-time AP All-Pro player more recently than the Colts (2011 vs 2010)
Tweet The Colts have a history of underperforming, evidenced by their dominance of getting the #1 overall NFL draft pick (#0 vs #7)
 Jacksonville is a better city than Indianapolis
Tweet We're afraid of you in one regard. More violent crime happens in Indianapolis than in Jacksonville -- according to the FBI )
Tweet More property crime happens in Indianapolis so watch your wallet when you visit (when compared to Jacksonville -- according to the FBI )
Tweet Congratulations. Your hot dogs are more expensive. It costs much more to go to the Colts games according to the FCI ($342.70 vs $452.34)

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